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The wonders a child who ever gave by Allah

This a true story from Medina, a resident who 37 years old, had already married, and had several children. He was among those who like to be in default, and often a big sin, prayer seldom run, unless at any time, or because others unpleasant. The cause, not because he get along with the bad guys and the shaman. Without realizing, satan faithfully accompanied him on many occasions. He told the story about the history of his life:

"I have a boy aged seven years, named Marwan. He is deaf and mute. He was educated by her mom, who is a sholihah women and has strong faith."
One day after maghrib adzan I was home with my son, Marwan. When I was planning where hanging out with my friends tonight, suddenly, I was startled by my child. Marwan asked me to speak with sign language, which means,  
"Why are you not praying Abi ( the  name in Arabs for father)?"
Then he pointed his hand upward, meaning that he says that Allah is in the sky looking at you.
Sometimes, my son sam me was done a sin, so I admire him that frighten me with threats of Allah. My son, and cried in front of me, so I tried to hug her, but he ran away from me. Before long, he went to the bathroom to take wudlu', although is not perfect, but he learned from her mother who also memorized the Qur'an. He always advised me but yet also brings a profit. Then Marwan who was deaf and dumb go again to see me and beckoned me to wait a minute.Then he prayed maghrib before me. Once finished, he rose and took the mushaf of Al-Qur'an, opened quickly, and pointed his finger to a verse (which means):
    "Oh Abi, I fear that you will be struck down adzab of Allah, Most Gracious, then you become friends for syaithan (Maryam: 45) " Then, he cried loudly. I also cried with him. My child is a wiped my tears.Then he kissed my head and hands, After that he spoke to me with sign language, which means,
"Please Pray for Allah Abi before you be laid to rest in the grave and before the advent adzab!"
 By Allah , that moment I felt a tremendous fear. I immediately turn on all house lights. Marwan my child to follow me from one room to another room, watching me screwy. Then, he told me (in sign language),
"Leave a light affair, let us into the Great Mosque (Masjid Nabawi)."
I told him, "Let us into the mosque near the home." 
But my son insisted I took him to the Nabawi Mosque Finally, I relented we went to Nabawi Mosque in a state of fear .And Marwan is always looking at me. We entered into Raudhah. When it is full of human Raudhah, soon came time for filled Iqomah in the air, when the mosque's imam saying a word of Allah (which means):

    "Person who believe in Allah, do not you follow the satan steps. Anyone who followed the satan steps , surely satan's indecency and ordered to do deny thing. Had it not been for the grace of God and His mercy for you all, surely no one is clean (from the indecencies and deny it) forever, but whom God cleanse him. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing (An-Nuur: 21) "

I do not hold the tears. Marwan who beside me saw me crying,he was crying too. We pray he took tissue from my pocket and wiped my tears with it. Finished praying, I was still crying and he kept wiping my tears. I sat an hour, until my son told me in sign language, "Come on Abi!"
 Evidently he was worried because my cries loudly. I say, "Don't worry my son" Finally, we went home. That night was so special, because I felt new reborn into the world. My Wife and my children see us then they  also cry actually they do not know what happened. Marwan said that i  had to go pray at the Masjid Nabawi. My wife was happy to get the news from Marwan which is the result of her good education. I told her what happened between me and Marwan.
 I say, " I ask you with the name of Allah, whether you are taught to open the mushaf of Al-Qur'an and show it to me?"
She swears by Allah sake three times that she did not teach him. Then she said, "Give thanks to God for this guidance."

That night was the most beautiful night of my life. Now, thank God, I always pray in congregation at the mosque and had to leave my friends are bad things. I feel the sweetness of faith and feel the joy in living, harmonious atmosphere in a household filled with love, and compassion. Especially to my  pious son, Marwan, i  really love him for having contributed to the cause I get the guidance of God. "
("Da'i Little", Fariq Anuz Gasim, Publisher: Darul Falah, Jakarta, Indonesia)


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