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Maybe that sentence below represent what someone wanna said when all people though that they are a crime or a burglar or a terrorist or anything else. In the other hand they didn't done that cases." Indonesia has a moral terrorist " Head of DPD FKI DKI Jakarta,Habib Salim Umar Alatas when interviewed by reporters infotainment in one private television station about the cases that hit the top artist Ariel-Luna Maya-Cut Tari. And members of the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) have been reported to the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia. If the police did not immediately arrest the person is a video nasty then do not blame us, as the Laskar Jihad would be dragged Luna Maya and other actors in video nasty to Headquarters of Republic Indonesia.
This morning I saw the latest news from the case of a video nasty on TV. This news was already existed about a week, but until now there is no definitive clarity from any party. In fact, whether the police or the person in that porn video not give any details. We also do not know who is wrong or true, so i though didn't judged them as likes as you want, they same with us. It means i supported the artist and i refused the Indonesian legal and judicial. We allowed to expressed our opinion but must be with reasoning that really well done. Do not just arbitrarily accuse people before there is definitive proof, and proof of it until now we still do not know how true. Islam is very strict about banning pornography but Islam does not advocate for bragging and accusing other people who may not be guilty, right? so let's Muslims who understand Islam intrinsically. I hope Indonesian will more better addressing everything come in Indonesia and became the generation who has moral smart. Amin


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