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Doa untukmu, Ya Allah

Ya Allah
Perkenankan hati yang telah Engkau titipkan ini terjaga dari luka dan perih
Kelak pertemukan hamba dengan takdir Illah
Yang sungguh tak akan mampu menjadikan titipanMu hanya singgahsana cinta sesaatnya.
Ku yakini tak ada cinta hakiki yang kekal selain padaMu
Maka ciptakanlah sosok cucu adam yang ikhlas ku bagi cintanya denganMu
Palingkan pandanganku hanya pada yang halal yang Kau kehendaki


Maybe that sentence below represent what someone wanna said when all people though that they are a crime or a burglar or a terrorist or anything else. In the other hand they didn't done that cases." Indonesia has a moral terrorist " Head of DPD FKI DKI Jakarta,Habib Salim Umar Alatas when interviewed by reporters infotainment in one private television station about the cases that hit the top artist Ariel-Luna Maya-Cut Tari. And members of the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front) have been reported to the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia. If the police did not immediately arrest the person is a video nasty then do not blame us, as the Laskar Jihad would be dragged Luna Maya and other actors in video nasty to Headquarters of Republic Indonesia.

Why you read Al-Qur'an in fact you didn't understood arabic???

WHY WE READ AL-QUR'AN WHEREAS WE DIDN'T UNDERSTOOD WHAT IT MEANS ??? ever i got this quetion from a person. He said to me,"you just read and read while you didn't know what is means??" and then i said that "i can learn something new from read Al-Qur'an, and about the meaning i only open my notebook and run the Al-Qur'an digital that i had in my program." I think it's not my best reason because i just said spontaneous. And now i get a best answers that i can shared it to others who felt the same things like me. Here it is the article :

NEW! Layout for Facebook

NEW!!! You can change your layout facebook now. Unfortunately it's just can be viewed that have installed the add-ons facebook layout. Follow this step :

1. Open your firefox. Install firefox add-ons.
2. Write this address the address bar firefox
3. Click the "Add a firefox"
4. Wait a few moments,then restart your firefox in add-ons.
5. When you're finished.log into your facebook.
here to select your facebook layout.
7. Select one of the layout you want, click the layout you selected.
8. Click "install with stylish"
9. Wait a few minutes to appear notice of installation.
10. Click 'install'
11. Get your new facebook layout...

Good Luck!!!

The wonders a child who ever gave by Allah

This a true story from Medina, a resident who 37 years old, had already married, and had several children. He was among those who like to be in default, and often a big sin, prayer seldom run, unless at any time, or because others unpleasant. The cause, not because he get along with the bad guys and the shaman. Without realizing, satan faithfully accompanied him on many occasions. He told the story about the history of his life:

Learn from a Handyman Meatballs

Last evening i read an article in this blog. I was so sweep out of that story. How the simplicity stand out under the low estate life way is! Many people whose have had an sumtuousness on their life try to find...find..find their sumtuousness in this world life, actually what is in their mind? is all about money? or is riches ? are they blind of the beyond? are they still believe in Allah?  Why you still find your sumtuousness in point of fact there are many our fellow being struggle under their difficulties. Here a story from a low estate who as a handyman meatballs. One day the writter of that blog called Yudi, saw the man put his money in three different places. He was astonished. Not for long, he asked to the man,

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