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Learn from a Handyman Meatballs

Last evening i read an article in this blog. I was so sweep out of that story. How the simplicity stand out under the low estate life way is! Many people whose have had an sumtuousness on their life try to find...find..find their sumtuousness in this world life, actually what is in their mind? is all about money? or is riches ? are they blind of the beyond? are they still believe in Allah?  Why you still find your sumtuousness in point of fact there are many our fellow being struggle under their difficulties. Here a story from a low estate who as a handyman meatballs. One day the writter of that blog called Yudi, saw the man put his money in three different places. He was astonished. Not for long, he asked to the man,
then the man explain his purpose. "i had already separated this money during 17 years i become a meatball seller. It's only a simple purpose, i just want to separate where is being my right, where is being others people/mosque, and where is being the right of my perfecting faith goal". Yudi was confiused what a man said. So he explains what he means. " The religion and Allah suggested us to share with fellow being. And i dispart in three :

1. Money which put in my wallet it means for fulfill my daily life necessity and my family
2. Money which put in my locker it means for alms/religius meal, or for perform Qurban. And Alhamdulillah during
17 years being a meatball seller, i always offering made at rites celebrating Idul Adha, even only a medium goat i had.
3. I would perfecting my religion,Islam,and Islam make cumpolsory for anyone in prosperity, to perform haj
pilgrimage. Haj pilgrime is certainly need big cost. So that my wife and i agreed in each our daily income from sell a
meatball, we dispart each daily income for haj savings. And insyaAllah during 17 years save our money, about 2 years remaining my wife and i could be perform haj pilgrimage. 

Yudi was so wonder with a man's answer. So Yudi asked for twice, "but for perform haj pilgrimage is onLy for the
peoples was had prosperity. Included ability in cost?"

The man answered with his humility way, "so that why sir, im so ashamed i talked about, capable or not. Because the
definition can not the right of the RT or RW, not a right of district head or MUI . Definition "able" is a
definition of where we are given the freedom to define themselves. If we define ourselves as a people are not capable,
then maybe forever we will be unable human. On the contrary, if we define ourselves, "capable", then, God willing,
with all power and authority of God will give us the ability.
Oh an elegant answer from a handyman meatballs, isn't it?? (the end)

Now we can learned everything arround us like what a handyman can ungrudgingly share his daily income to get his perfecting faith. We can learned, how some people get their prosperity whereas they still find "ridhlo Allah" with share anything they have with others. In fact, perhaps they still didn't felt anything that we could got now. Start now to share everything that you ever had with others, even you have to felt lacking condition. Allah will give a reward for you later in hereafter. Amin


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