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Today almost over

Sudah lama rasanya gak update blog kesayanganku ini.
 Aku kangen sekali menulis disini, tapi urusan lain menghampiri.
Sampai-sampai harus mengorbankan si blog pink ku ini.
Karena harus terus update disini nih,  so i have to say REALLY SORRY for not writing in a long long time.
And  now, I have some times to write something here,
eventhough there is no special posting i thought.
Ehm... I don't know how to say, but
I'm very missing it!
Writing in my own blog, there is no one will stop anything i write here.
Just like now, writing anything, thinking anything, typing anything i want. hahaha
Seems like being mad, but it is really fun.
Oh ya, I have something to tell. hahaha. Little bit sound funny, but it's ok.
Recently, i watch korean drama. Believe me, it's very entertain.
You have to watch it too. Everything makes us laugh and cry, or sometime fells so sad sometime so happy.
It's better than horror genre film in Indonesia, perhaps.
More funny, more happy.
Today , i watched  Lie To Me . Actually, before this film, i ever watched ehm...let me remind the title.
Ahaa.... i see Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and it's also so funny and interesting. You have to watch it also.
Ehmm.. somehow, i like korean drama now. Although, i never know the name of the actor and  actress. hahhaha
See you...


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