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Letter for you, my dear

Since our first sigh,
i have no feeling that now you will be the one who becomes very special for me.
Before i published it, i trusted my self that every one has their own right to wrote something
and showed their expression, whether it's just a feeling.
This is for you, beb

  *as I love you,
 I'd also removed the old paper that has faded in the sense
 because I know there's no point i have to keep from my last story
that would interfere with my life with you someday.
I had previously guessed that I was caught
in a curtain of love that you're full of happiness in it.
 and I know the love you bring to my life's
 not a false love that offered by other men.
I truly believe my presence will make your life happy someday.
 even now I still always try to do what best for you*

12 December 2010

Thank's for my dear who accompanied me made this love story almost perfect.
It hasn't done yet beb, we still have 1, 2, or 3 or maybe more pages to fill up the white paper


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